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Construction projects can be exciting! After all, you’re making something new, whether it’s a kitchen, a bathroom, or a new business. Unfortunately, construction work isn’t all fun and games. It almost always results in construction waste, and somebody has to clean it up. Looking for a local business near you that can help? Hick’s Hauling & Junk Removal is located in North Wales, PA, and we provide construction debris removal to anyone who needs it!

Not only do we help big construction companies clean up debris, but we also support DIYers. So whether you have a huge project that has generated a lot of waste or just a few wheelbarrows’ worth, we can take it off your hands. So please, we encourage you to get in touch!

Why Us for Construction Junk Removal?

Do you need a team of professionals to help you clean up construction waste? You can’t go wrong with the team at Hick’s Hauling & Junk Removal. We provide many services, such as demolition and junk removal, so we’ve got plenty of experience with hauling around heavy junk. It won’t take us long to gather up a pile of construction debris and load it onto our truck. Additionally, we are a friendly bunch, so count on us to stay optimistic and kind from start to finish!

For construction and demolition junk removal that won’t break the bank, we’re still the best choice. Why? Since we’re locally owned and operated, we don’t have to pay the same expensive fees that franchise businesses do. The end result is prices that are lower and more affordable for you. You’ll also be pleased to know that we never add hidden fees to your final bill, either!

Construction debris removal is a great choice for those in our community who want to save time. Start saving time today by scheduling an appointment with us. You can either contact us online or call us at 215-237-4119 to speak to us about your construction waste problem. We’ll help you pick an appointment time and date shortly afterwards.

Our Construction Debris Removal Process

  1. To make sure that we meet at your construction site on time, we will give you a courtesy call! When we’re about fifteen minutes away, expect to hear from us.
  2. After we’ve arrived, we’ll take a few moments to get to know you. Then, please show us all the construction waste so we know what we’re working with.
  3. Accept our volume-based quote, and we’ll begin removing the construction debris. Our full-service experts won’t waste any time during the job.
  4. Since you can’t just leave the debris on the curb and expect trash collection services to handle it all, we’ll take it to a nearby disposal site for you.

Renovation Debris Removal

Home renovation is exciting, and in many cases, it’s something you can do yourself with the right preparations. You can tear out your kitchen cabinets and replace them with new ones. You can redo your bathroom tiles. Heck, you could even make a completely new master bedroom if you’d like. However, having to collect and dispose of all that demolition debris can add hours to your renovation job. And by the time you reach the end of that renovation job, chances are, you’re just going to want to sit on the sofa and watch some TV. Fortunately, you can do exactly that with our construction debris removal services. We’ll swing by, load the debris up into our wheelbarrows, and roll it out to our truck. We’ll sweep up behind ourselves, too. We know that renovation work can send dust flying everywhere, so we’ll do what we can to make your house look its best.

About Us

Who should you call when you need to get rid of construction waste? Hick’s Hauling & Junk Removal! We are a locally owned and operated business that is always excited to meet new people in our community. After we get to know them, we proceed to clean up their messes! There’s nothing complicated about our service. We just treat our customers with respect, work fast, and give them affordable prices. That way, people like you can save time and money! In fact, we even offer same-day and next-day appointments, so if you need our help right away, we are happy to be there soon!

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