House Cleanout Services Need a professional company to clean out your home somewhere in Montgomery and Bucks County? We’re here to help!


Few junk removal projects are as big as house cleanout services. That’s because when we here at Hicks Hauling & Junk Removal provide a customer with a whole house cleanout, we need to go to each and every room to check for junk. The living room, the bedrooms, the attic, and the basement… there’s a lot on our hands, but we’re willing to do it if it means you won’t have to!

What kind of household items do you need us to remove? Clothes and toys? Electronics and exercise equipment? Something else? We’ve about seen it all when it comes to junk removal. Trust us to haul away whatever you’ve got with zero complaints!

Why Our Home Cleanouts?

Out of all the companies that clean out homes, there is only one locally owned and operated Hicks Hauling & Junk Removal, located in North Wales, PA. When compared to the “big box” businesses, we do a better job for a cheaper price. That’s because our house cleanout prices are based on the volume of junk we remove for you. Combine that with our lesser operating costs, and when you choose our house cleanout services, you get rid of all that junk for a much lower price.

Don’t doubt the professionalism of our crew. They are a hardworking bunch, and where other crews might start slowing down halfway through a cleanout, we’ll power through till the end. Additionally, we’ll keep our spirits high as we make your clutter disappear. Compare that to less qualified teams that are already grumpy when they show up, and it’s clear who the better choice is. Hicks Hauling & Junk Removal does great work that puts the competition to shame!

We bet that you’d like to get rid of that house junk as soon as possible. If so, then you’re losing time by not reaching out to us. It’s time to get started, so feel free to contact us online whenever you have a few moments. It won’t take long to fill out our form and let us know that you’d like an appointment! We even provide same-day and next-day appointments if you seriously need lightning-fast assistance!

Our Residential Junk Removal Removal

  1. Don’t silence your phone because we will give you a courtesy call when we’re on the way. Count on our crew to always be on time!
  2. Let us see all the junk scattered throughout your house, then approve our upfront quote to let us know we’re good to get to work.
  3. We will make sure no piece of junk is left behind, and what’s more, we’ll also sweep the floors as a complimentary bonus.
  4. Now that the house is nice and clean, it’s ready for resale or reuse. We’ll accept your payment and head out!

Removing Appliances While Cleaning Out Houses

Have you had a broken washing machine, refrigerator, or freezer sitting around the house this whole time? If so, your house clean out appointment is the perfect opportunity for you to finally say goodbye to it. We understand why you haven’t gotten around to it yet—it’s because appliances are pretty heavy! Don’t worry, though, as our appliance removal professionals can handle this job even if you can’t.

Our team is big enough to ensure the fast and simple removal of any appliances, even if they are in the basement or upstairs. We’ll keep a tight grip on whatever appliance you need us to remove, and if necessary, we can even use a moving dolly to wheel the unwanted appliance right out your door. Either way, it will wind up in our truck before arriving at a recycling facility!

About Us

Hicks Hauling & Junk Removal is the home of many professional junk haulers from your community. They’re experienced with the removal of many kinds of clutter, so whatever you have in that house, there’s no question about whether we can clean it out. Even better, we can do it for a fair and affordable price! After all, we were founded so our community could have professional services that wouldn’t empty their wallets. Be our next success story by scheduling an appointment today. Our team can’t wait to haul for you, too!

Household Items We Take

Exercise Equipment
Old Decorations
Gardening Equipment
Pet Supplies


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